Planet Brands is introducing Kingsford Fire Grille to Tampa.

After three years of development, the new 7,900-square-foot restaurant is set to open at 204 WestShore Plaza in Tampa this July. Branded through an exclusive license of the Kingsford name, Kingsford Fire Grille will reimagine time-tested recipes for a fresh take on the classics. Don’t expect standard backyard BBQ food here. This restaurant will turn everything on its menu up a notch with fiery passion, such as using unexpected flavor combinations and regional ingredients to create something totally unprecedented.

Kingsford Fire Grille will use fire to create accentuated flavors and aromas and offer unique menu items, like chargrilled romaine in a Caesar salad, smoked oak-barrel-aged bourbon cocktails and grilled caramel apple. But flavor isn’t only reserved for what’s placed on the grill. The restaurant will ramp up the dining experience with tableside DIY s’mores, dishes served in a sizzling skillet and more.

Guests will have a front row seat to the art of grilling thanks to its signature charcoal pit centerpiece. Whether seated inside or outside on the terrace, diners will have convenient access to a walkaround bar. The restaurant will also feature a large takeout area for bundled offerings and to-go meals. A designated area for special events will be perfect for companies, families and other groups looking to experience Tampa’s new “it” destination.

“Cooking with fire is a tradition that started long before us,” says Vice President of Kingsford Fire Grille Mike DeMaio. “But we’re going to be the ones to perfect it. We’ve been developing this concept for quite some time and we couldn’t be more thrilled that its debut is just a few months away. Guests can expect an unapparelled dining experience that will invoke the sentimental joys of a backyard cookout, but with an elevated flare. Where the weather is sunny almost every day of the year, we believe Tampa WestShore Plaza is the ideal location to launch our concept. And with its success, we plan on expanding and opening more locations in the near future. There’s truly no other restaurant like Kingsford Fire Grille, so we can’t wait to open and show everyone that food with irresistible smoked flavor is the best.”

The ultimate neighborhood gathering place or date-night destination, Kingsford Fire Grille is all about an inspiring restaurant experience. Its team will encourage guests to fulfill their passion for grilled food by offering classes and hands-on instruction in how to host their own cookouts and perfect their grilling skills. The new restaurant will even offer bundled grill packs complete with meats, sides, seasonings, charcoal and more, which guests can pick up when they visit.

“At Kingsford, we look for partners that celebrate the joy of grilling,” says Kingsford Marketing Director Ram Gopalakrishnan. “Kingsford Fire Grille is a way to inspire more people to remember just how great food tastes over Kingsford!”

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