QSR Automations, Inc. the industry leader in kitchen display technology and guest management solutions with more than 70,000 installs worldwide, announces the launch of the most comprehensive guest management app available.

DineTime Host is a free, cloud-based iPad app that allows restaurants of any size to improve guest experiences and operate more efficiently.

“With our years of experience in the restaurant industry, we were able to build an app that gives restaurant operators the exact features they need to be more successful,” says Lee Leet, president and CEO of QSR. “This is definitely an app designed for restaurant people, by restaurant people.”

DineTime Host tracks wait times, notifies guests via text message when tables are ready, and captures dynamic information. This data can then help operators make informed decisions to improve their short- and long-term success, as well as increase the overall speed and service of their restaurant.

The innovative app can also create and maintain a guest book to allow restaurants to quickly access key information, like guest notes and visit history, to build stronger relationships with their customers.

“In additional to offering lots of great features, it was also important to us that the app be free,” Leet says. “That way, any restaurant can download it right now and get started.”

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