Today, bogopogo launched its new FRAMPLE (free + sample) plan providing free mobile coupon access to all restaurants across the United States to promote their best restaurant deals.  

According to Pete Bosse, founder and CEO of bogopogo, "Now every restaurant in America can communicate their best deal, for 100-percent free everyday, directly to Americans wanting to eat out more often." 

According to National Restaurant Association research, seven out of 10 Americans would dine out more if menu prices were lower during off-peak times. 

Bogopogo's mobile app, for restaurant patrons, is available in the Android and iOS app stores and is free to download and use. Bosse was inspired by the words of noted restaurateur Danny Meyer, CEO and founder of Union Square Hospitality Group, when he said you get your greatest gratitude when you give to others. 

Here's how the new FRAMPLE plan works: Each account may post one active promotional deal per location. Restaurants can change the deal as often as they like for any duration up to a maximum of 45 days, then the deal expires automatically. Deals may be cancelled, edited, or replaced with another deal at anytime. 

Restaurants are limited to one active deal per location with the FRAMPLE plan. Bogopogo's goal is to build a foodie community comprised of restaurants wanting to promote their best deal, to fill excess capacity or attract new customers, and patrons wanting to eat out more often.

"Our new FRAMPLE plan is like fishing," Bosse says. "With FRAMPLE, we give restaurants the equivalent of a fishing pole and they supply the bait, in the form of a deal, to attract new patrons. If the restaurant wants additional help using a depth finder, better bait, or a fishing guide, then we have other paid plans to meet their complete range of promotional needs." 

Bogopogo's enhanced mobile coupon platform features include results analytics, proactive marketing, and promotion assistance available for upgrade anytime with bogopogo paid plans. 

"The promotional element of the marketing mix traditionally includes advertising, public relationsm and discountingm and it's the one element of the marketing mix that can help build a restaurant brand, attract new customers, encourage trialm and showcase specialties," Bosse says. 

Bogopogo paid plan options begin at less than $1 per day per location and go to about $3 per day per location. 

Bogopogo launched in June 2014 in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area with a vision of sharing useful information to help people make informed purchase decisions. The introduction of the new FRAMPLE plan, is bogopogo's first step toward nationwide expansion.

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