NetWaiter, the online ordering service for restaurants, now offers restaurants the ability to send customers a Happy Birthday message with a tailored promotion.

NetWaiter automatically triggers the promotion, emailing it to each customer before their birthday.

The promo can be a simple discount or something more complex and pre-configured to expire at a specified time. The best thing about the system is restaurants can set it and forget it. NetWaiter manages the promotions and redemptions automatically.

“NetWaiter allows customers the option to provide their birthdate the first time they use the system,” says David Liebers, a lead developer at NetWaiter. “Once this information is captured, restaurants have the ability to wish them a Happy Birthday and offer them a promotion. It’s a great feature to recognize your customers and build more customer loyalty. Plus, it’s always nice to hear Happy Birthday.”  

Hundreds of thousands of NetWaiter users have entered their birthdates, and restaurants can leverage this data to increase sales.

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