The consumer demand for convenient and healthy food options has been the driver of the fresh-cut produce market for years. 

NatureSeal has been there since the beginning, as an instrumental player in the creation of the fresh sliced apple market.  Over the years, through continual new product development, the fresh cut market is no longer limited to sliced apples.  Pears, stone fruit, carrots even avocadoes and bananas can be cut and maintain their fresh color and qualities.

One of the newest products to emerge in this market is for fresh cut potatoes.  Prior to this new development, that convenience was only possible because of sulfites protecting their color.

NatureSeal has introduced three different sulfite-free potato solutions to processors.  There is finally an alternative to sulfites, which is non-allergen, Kosher certified, and even one approved for use on organic produce.  Through a dipping process with NatureSeal, fresh cut potatoes can maintain their color for up to 14 days. 

This technology is effective in maintaining the fresh qualities of white, red and sweet potatoes, beets and cut Brussels sprouts.



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