MyCheck, the leading checkout technology for restaurants and other businesses across four major markets worldwide, announced a complete integration into POSitouch point-of-sale software for quick-service and full-service restaurants. 

The MyCheck install onto POSitouch systems is done remotely and simply involves the implementation of a button straight onto the payment screen. When a customer indicates to the server or the cashier that they want to pay with MyCheck, the order is entered as it normally would be along with a random four-digit code that is on the user’s smartphone upon check-in to the location.  

At that point, in quick-service environments, the user will receive an automated receipt.  In full-service environments, the user will be able to view her bill in real-time; split the bill amongst other app users and among people that want to pay with traditional credit cards or cash; make a payment; and get a receipt.  

Special offers, loyalty, and discounts are sent from the app to the POS and are reflected on the user side immediately.

Peter Lipman, chief technology officer of POSitouch, comments, “These days, mobile apps and the internet are about user experience. MyCheck has perfected that. Users and owners love MyCheck.”

“The core of our company is to create a memorable payment experience via integration – whether to different point of sale systems, loyalty platforms, or third-party apps that want to reach the hospitality sector," says Tal Zvi Nathanel, US CEO and co-founder of MyCheck. "Our specialty is doing it such a way that streamlines the operations on the merchant side and provides a wow experience for the user." 

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