MurLarkey Distilled Spirits, an emerging, craft distillery, announced the addition of two new, aged spirits to its current collection of all-natural, handmade vodka, gin and whiskeys. Having won five medals at the American Distilling Institute’s 11th Annual Judging of Craft Spirits in 2017, the distillery announced today two new whiskeys—Heritage and Smokehouse—available June 26 by special order at all Virginia ABC stores and soon thereafter distributed by Breakthru Beverage Group throughout the District of Columbia. 

In line with a commitment to true small-batch, craft spirit production, both new whiskeys are handcrafted with precise detail using ingredients from farming cooperatives in Northern Virginia. Their new products pay homage to the distillery’s Irish roots and honor the history of the founders’ families while remaining true to the qualities that whiskey devotees love and desire—aroma, flavor, and value. MurLarkey’s distillers apply Irish techniques passed down by their ancestors and create each product using locally sourced ingredients to ensure the best, natural product in every bottle.

“Heritage was meticulously crafted and wine cask finished with a mash bill of premium corn, rye and barley culminating in a premium quality “Old Country” whiskey,” says Tom Murray, founder and CEO of MurLarkey. Heritage is a whiskey for whiskey lovers. Bottled in bond at 100 proof, Heritage offers an inviting nose, enticing taste the smooth finish reminiscent of a rare pre-prohibition spirit. Enjoy this spirit on the rocks or neat with a splash of water.

According to Murray, “Smokehouse is a game-changer for all whiskey aficionados. MurLarkey product master and acclaimed five-star chef, George “Papi” Zwetkow, has created something truly unique with this whiskey.” Zwetkow developed and applied a proprietary natural curing and aging technique which he employs in the production of Smokehouse. Approved and registered with the US government as a naturally cured whiskey, consumers will notice the spirit’s mouth-watering smoked BBQ nose, silky smooth taste and delightful finish.    

Knowing the value of quality local ingredients, MurLarkey creates spirits with what co-founders Murray and Mike Larkin call farm-to-flask values. The distillery uses corn from the nearby Culpepper Farm Co-op and barley from Copper Fox Distillery. Larkin said, “All of our spirits are truly craft, and that starts with raw, natural, locally sourced ingredients. MurLarkey was founded on family tradition and we believe incorporating fellow local businesses only makes that tradition stronger.”

Over the last year, MurLarkey has broadened its distribution networks and is now available at over 60 Virginia ABC stores and 70 restaurants across DC and Virginia. The new limited release products, Heritage and Smokehouse, can be purchased or sampled at the distillery’s tasting room (7961 Gainsford Court; 571-284-7961). The distillery is open Monday—Wednesday by appointment only, Thursday 10 a.m.—5 p.m. and Friday and Saturday 10 a.m.—6 p.m. A full list of retailers and restaurants that carry MurLarkey products can be found at

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