As long as humans have used knives, there has been a need to have them sharpened. Now, Mundial, a global leader in cutlery manufacturing, is set to revolutionize this ageless process with its launch of a cutting-edge knife sharpening system that uses smart technology to save time, money and resources.

The innovative Mundial SmartKnives system will provide professional kitchens with a lifetime supply of free knives, each equipped with an RFID chip embedded in the handle.The compact SmartKnives Sharpening Machine send signals to the RFID chip and then recognizes the knife and communicates with Mundial’s servers through WiFi, controlling the entire knife sharpening process. Mundial’s patent-pending technology allows its machines to identify the type of knife and automatically begin the sharpening process according to factory specifications. In just a matter of seconds, the knife is professionally sharpened and ready to use, eliminating the need to outsource knife-sharpening ever again.

“We believe this is a game changer,” said Mundial Chairman and CEO Michael L. Ceitlin. “We are poised to up-end an antiquated system that hasn’t changed in more than 50 years. By incorporating cutting-edge smart technology into our knives, and providing an on-site sharpening machine, this will positively impact the way the restaurant industry and professional kitchens operate.”

In addition to the cost-savings of never needing to purchase new knives and the convenience of being able to instantly sharpen knives, the high-tech system can enhance safety in meal preparation, decrease food waste, and potentially lower insurance premiums.

Mundial users can choose from up to 12 different models of Mundial SmartKnives along with the compact SmartKnives Sharpening Machine. The dishwasher safe smart knives are available in a variety of blade sizes, from 4 to 12-inch blades, including four serrated-edge knives and one sushi knife.

In less than a minute, the easy-to-use SmartKnives Sharpening Machine will restore dull knives. Mundial SmartKnives can be sharpened 80 to 200 times, depending upon their blade width, before the company replenishes them automatically and free of charge.

“When we say ‘never buy knives again,’ we mean it,” says Mundial Executive Director Mauro Mello. “There are no upfront costs or expensive equipment to purchase. The end user pays only a nominal monthly fee to lease the machine and access the online system that manages the machine, along with a fair sharpening charge each time they use it.”

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