Mr Brews Taphouse has implemented a new technology program to leverage its hiring processes.

The new partnership is with all-encompassing platform WorkStream, which streamlines the hiring and onboarding process for its partners. The platform expands the hiring process and reaches more candidates through several measures including:

  • Posting to over 25,000 job boards,
  • Building a text-to-apply poster for promotional use,
  • Engaging with potential candidates via text,
  • Allowing customization opportunities for the hiring stages that fits each brand’s specific needs,
  • Using Smart Screening technology to automatically identify qualified candidates,
  • integrating the hiring team’s calendar so interviews are scheduled only in free spots,
  • Giving candidates the ability to self-schedule and re-schedule interviews, reducing no-shows.

“This partnership with WorkStream has already shown the potential for a more successful and efficient future for Mr Brews Taphouse,” says Chief Operating Officer Mark Leach. “With this platform already showing an exponential increase for new hires, we hope it creates an easier application process for all our interested candidates because we can’t wait to keep growing our Brew Crew!”

In collaboration with Work Stream, Mr Brews has seen a 50 percent increase in applicants across their locations which has led to an increase of seven times the new hires compared to the previous quarter. In addition, the cost per month for recruiting through WorkStream instead of other recruiting tools like Facebook and Indeed has decreased significantly. Overall, Mr Brews has seen tremendous growth as a result of this technology integration. Each Mr Brews location offers a selection of more than 50 beers on tap that are carefully selected by the franchisee to include personal local favorites, popular national pours and rotating taps from the region’s seasonal collections. To complement its wide selection of beers, Mr Brews offers award-winning gourmet burgers that are paired with delicious scratch-made signature sauces.

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