State alcohol commissions in Montana and Virginia have approved the National Restaurant Association’s (NRA’s) ServSafe Alcohol program, providing restaurants in those states the option of the industry’s leading responsible alcohol service training program. ServSafe Alcohol is now approved in 47 states.

“We are glad to see our ServSafe Alcohol program recognized as a trusted training source in Montana and Virginia,” says Paul Hineman, executive vice president of products and services for the National Restaurant Association. “While responsible alcohol service training is voluntary in both states, training front-of-the-house restaurant staff on how to effectively and safely handle difficult situations is a smart business decision. Failure to handle situations correctly could result in fines, loss of liquor license, and increased insurance costs.”

The ServSafe Alcohol course teaches employees about their personal responsibility in responsible alcohol service, and how to recognize signs of intoxication in guests and manage service accordingly.

ServSafe Alcohol is part of the NRA’s ServSafe portfolio, which also includes the industry’s number-one food safety programs, ServSafe manager training and certification and ServSafeFood Handler. For more information, visit

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