Monkey Shoulder, the 100 percent malt whisky made for mixing, continues to create a revolution in cocktail culture with the debut of the Konga Shaker. The remastered “rotate-and-roll” shaker was unveiled during Tales of the Cocktail 2016 in New Orleans. The redesigned Konga Shaker is a bar staple, creating a new level of bartender theatre as well as providing increased efficiency behind the bar by enabling bartenders to shake multiple cocktails at once. Monkey Shoulder, known for its iconic marriage of single malts and mischievous attitude toward whisky and bartending, is rolling out the new Konga Shakers in select restaurants and bars across the country.

“The Monkey Shoulder Konga Shaker is turning cocktail culture on its head— literally. This shaker has a rotate-and-roll movement when mixing cocktails,” says Seb Derbomez, U.S. Brand Ambassador for Monkey Shoulder. “The Konga Shaker is fun and incredibly functional, too. It is creating a new layer of excitement around crafting cocktails.”

Combining great cocktails, bartender theatre and efficiency, Monkey Shoulder remastered and improved on the original cocktail shaker that first made its appearance in the 1930s. While bartenders and consumers alike didn’t have to do the Conga as they made drinks, the revolutionary Konga Shaker was beloved by bartenders for adding fun and flair to cocktailing. It is made of food safe stainless steel and features a screw top with strainer. Its easy to grip Bakelite handles allow for maximum control and precision pours. It also features smart new locking mechanisms and its 1.5 liter (approximately 50 oz) capacity can hold five drinks.

“Monkey Shoulder remains heavily focused on the bartending community with the Ultimate Bartender Championship and the previous iSpoon release,” says RJ Whittington, Brand Manager for Monkey Shoulder. “With our mischievous attitude and approach to whisky, we put the fun back in bartending fundamentals, and that’s exactly what we did with the Konga Shaker. We continue to receive positive feedback from the trade and we’re excited to see the shakers in use again.”

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