Mongolian Concepts, the nation’s largest Mongolian stir-fry restaurant group, has announced the appointment of Gregg Majewski as its new Chief Executive Officer.

“When presented with the opportunity to reinvigorate not one, but three iconic restaurant concepts, I couldn’t say no. I had been on the hunt for a unique, stand-out restaurant that values customization, and the Mongolian Concepts are just that,” says Majewski. “Our customers can make their culinary visions come to life in our restaurants, and I’m eager to invest and upgrade each brand – not only by refreshing the ingredients we use but also by building a championship team.”

Mongolian Concepts is the management group behind three renowned create-your-own stir fry brands: Genghis Grill, FlatTop Grill and bd’s Mongolian Grill. Majewski joins the stir-fry trio with an extensive background in the restaurant industry, having held both executive and consulting roles. During his time with Jimmy Johns, Majewski served as Chief Operations Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer. His experience aiding in the growth of established restaurants will play well into his work with Mongolian Concepts.

“Ultimately, my goal is to give our customers what they truly deserve – the best of the best. We’re adding to our leadership team, tapping into the best and most fresh ingredients, updating operations and revamping our overall customer experience,” Majewski continues. “The strong culture behind each of our brands and the momentum to drive our businesses forward is sure to stir-up some excitement across the nation.”

Genghis Grill, FlatTop Grill and bd’s Mongolian each offer fans broad appeal and cater to various flavor preferences and dietary lifestyles. As each brand emphasizes brand reimagining, heightened customer service, improved food quality and even more operational excellence, the overall customer experience will maintain its high-quality interactive experience.

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