MOGL—the award-winning customer loyalty program for restaurants that relies on psychology, technology, and game mechanics rather than punch cards, coupons, QR codes, or membership IDs—announced that it has donated more than 100,000 meals to date through it’s Meal for a Meal program with Feeding America, the nation’s leading hunger relief organization. 

MOGL’s Meal for a Meal program is an ongoing and seamless ‘giving back’ component within the company’s overarching loyalty platform, and works by automatically donating a meal to someone in need (via Feeding America) each time a MOGL member spends $20 when dining out. 

Additional perks for MOGL members include an automatic 10 percent cash back on every bill and the ability to compete and win a monthly jackpot cash prize if they are one of the top three customers at any particular venue that month.

With more than 49 million people suffering from hunger in America today, MOGL knows that there is a long way to go toward solving this colossal problem.

“We’ve made a long-term commitment as a company to fight the issue of hunger,” says Jon Carder, CEO and cofounder of MOGL. “We built the Meal for a Meal program to empower the restaurant community and their customers by making giving back an effortless, everyday activity that can create a monumental impact.

"We could not have reached 100,000 meals without the awesome support of our loyal MOGL members and restaurants,” he says. “We know that with their help, we will get to millions—and even billions—of meals donated, as we continue to grow as a company.”

Although two out of MOGL’s three loyalty incentives involve cash rewards, the company realized early on that not everyone is motivated by money.  

In fact, MOGL attributes much of its ongoing success and explosive growth in the loyalty space to the fact that its Meal for a Meal program offers an innovative and seamless approach to giving, which is for the most part lacking among competing platforms.

"I love that MOGL has made it extremely easy for people to give back to their communities by simply encouraging them to eat out more often," says Dan Hurd, CEO and cofounder of Tavern Bowl in San Diego. 

"I was blown away when I found out that we had already donated nearly 7,000 meals by way of MOGL members dining at our restaurants,” he says. “I wish more companies would adopt this kind of simplified approach to helping those in need."

To personalize the experience of taking part in MOGL’s Meal for a Meal program, members can track the number of meals they have donated to date in their user profile online or via the mobile app. 

MOGL’s restaurant partners also have the ability to track how many meals have been generated through loyal MOGL members dining at their venue. 

Further, MOGL features an ongoing tally of total meals donated on the homepage of its website to demonstrate the collective impact of its members on any given day.

"Feeding America San Diego is thrilled by the success of MOGL's Meal for a Meal program,” says Jennifer Gilmore, executive director of Feeding America San Diego. “With 1 in 4 children and 1 in 5 adults at risk of hunger in San Diego alone, the need has never been greater.

“Thanks to innovative corporate partnerships like the one we have developed with MOGL, we're making significant strides towards a hunger-free and healthy community," she says.

MOGL’s seamless and secure technology platform tracks credit and debit card transactions and activity so that consumers simply pay their restaurant bill as they normally would using any credit or debit card to earn cash rewards effortlessly. 

MOGL members never have to present coupons, membership/loyalty cards, or even use their mobile phone to scan a QR code. For its restaurant partners, MOGL also provides deep customer analytics and ROI reporting.

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