Mirus and Custom Business Solutions have teamed up to provide Fired Up, Inc.’s Johnny Carino’s restaurant with an integrated system that combines Mirus’ reporting modules and NorthStar Order Entry point-of-sale system.

The partnership was developed to assist Johnny Carino's to improve the guest experience with a NorthStar mobile ordering solution while maintaining the reporting capabilities of Mirus. The integration allows the Johnny Carino’s to continuously monitor daily POS activity to identity profit-building opportunities throughout the day.

“The ability to have our business intelligence tool speak directly and seamlessly to our POS system is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Mirus and NorthStar helped us achieve just that. The process of integrating these systems was smooth and completed on time,” says Rick Baker, director of operation services for Fired Up, Inc. “As a company, we are stronger and more agile with our new reporting capabilities.”

“Multi-unit operators like Carino’s are continually searching for tools to give them an advantage. The process of integrating these tools should not be a hassle. That’s why we give our clients the freedom to choose the solutions that serve them best. We are thrilled that the Johnny Carino’s team brought CBS and Mirus together,” says Dave Bennett, CEO of Mirus Restaurant Solutions.

“The Mirus system helps Johnny Carino’s turn the Northstar POS data into sales dollars. This is the ultimate goal of technology for every restaurant operator. We’re pleased to be part of Johnny Carino’s technology team with Mirus,” adds Art Julian, CEO of Custom Business Solutions.

Mirus provides decision makers across operations, finance and marketing with actionable intelligence. Their analytic solutions leverage data to measure and improve restaurant performance. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Mirus is a recognized leader in restaurant performance management.

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