Frieling expands its MILKchiller line with its first all-in-one set, the MILKchiller II Starter Kit. Setting the industry standard, the patented MILKchiller II saves money and time by efficiently dispensing milk or creamers, while keeping them at a constant temperature of 41 degrees or below, exceeding NSF20 standards to guarantee food safety.

The new MILKchiller II Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get started: one MILKchiller II, three Refillable Containers, and 120 Disposable Dispensing Kits for neat and worry-free transfer of dairy products from container to cup.  The three half gallon Refillable Containers let you streamline operations, with one inside the MILKchiller, one in the dishwasher, and one in the fridge.

The NSF-certified MILKchiller pays for itself in reduced labor and lower ingredient costs. The average coffee shop throws out over three gallons of unused milk every week—MILKchiller eliminates this waste by keeping milk properly chilled until every last drop in the container is used. MILKchiller also avoids the high cost and waste of single packaged creamers. The average coffee shop customer will take twice as many single creamers as they use, but with MILKchiller, the customer only dispenses the exact amount in the cup.

MILKchiller is user-friendly for both customers and operators, and it can be tailored to individual needs. It accommodates standard paper cartons as well as the reusable containers supplied with the kit. Refill is a snap: open the lid to exchange containers. The MILKchiller can dispense dairy directly into the cup, or it can be connected to any espresso machine with a frothing nozzle and milk adapter.

Quiet operation adds to its appeal. The LCD display shows up to eight dairy choices, in five different languages, and displays in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The display indicates when milk is low or when the temperature has risen above a safe level due to a power outage. The drip tray is removable and can be connected to a sub-counter drain.

Its compact size—13 inches long, 7.75 inches wide and 13.75 inches high—adds to its utility. The interlocking platform can securely connect multiple MILKchiller units, if desired.

The MILKchiller II is backed by a one-year warranty. The MILKchiller II Starter Kit is available for immediate delivery, with a list price of $770.

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