The Mighty Leaf Tea Company, which specializes in artisan blends of whole leaf teas, herbs, and fruits, today launched Tea & Company, a super premium brand of reserve lot whole leaf teas. The new tea line that boasts one-of-a-kind blends sourced from renowned tea regions around the world is designed to meet the needs of Mighty Leaf Tea’s five-star hospitality customers.

Tea & Company pays tribute to Mighty Leaf’s origins. The company’s founders first business was a teahouse in San Francisco called Tea & Company.

“Our high end hospitality clients have been asking us for a line of tea that will help them differentiate their guest experience offering,” says Tom Smallhorn, chief marketing officer of Mighty Leaf Tea. “We are excited about this line of super premium teas that will be sold only in fine-dining and hospitality accounts.”

Each blend in the Tea & Company line is certified organic, kosher, gluten-free, and vegan.

The packaging incorporates original watercolor paintings of tea leaves and botanicals and was created to evoke the artistry and luxury of a premium tea experience. The teas are packaged in biodegradable, hand-stitched, silken pouches that showcase the beauty of the blends.

The Tea & Company assortment consists of the following:

Organic Black and Pu’er Teas

  • Earl Grey Crème –black tea that rounds out its crisp bergamot flavor notes with a gentle, creamy character
  • Emperor’s Breakfast – a blend of black teas from renowned origins—Assam, Darjeeling and Yunnan—that sets a new high bar for a classic cup
  • Meridian Chai – a bold and spicy blend of black tea with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and clove—with licorice root providing an unusual twist
  • Vintage Pu’er – a pile-fermented and aged exotic Pu’er from the Yunnan Province in China with notes of chocolate and espresso

Organic White, Oolong, and Green Teas

  • Chaling Jasmine – green tea grown in the town of Chaling in the Hunan Province of China; a delicate floral character
  • Three Rivers Green – grown high in the Yunnan mountains yielding a mild nutty flavor with subtle fruit undertones
  • Royal Passion Fruit – a smooth, rich blend of green teas from China and Japan, infused with tropical notes of luscious passion fruit
  • White Lotus – delicate Chinese white tea leaves with soft citrus notes of lemon myrtle and zesty notes of ginger
  • Iron Goddess Oolong – this tea is known as Ti Kuan Yin, which translates to Iron Goddess of Mercy. These spring flush, organic oolong leaves are lightly oxidized, yielding a cup with silky body and honeysuckle notes.

Organic Herbal Tisanes

  • Blood Orange Rooibos – an organically grown South African rooibos infusion with a touch of tart blood orange, plus hints of saffron, vanilla, and honey
  • Chamomile Yuzu – alayered herbal infusion anchored by tart Asian yuzu, plus a full spectrum of floral and citrus flavors
  • Verbena Mint – Moroccan-grown nana mint is perfectly balanced with the buttery richness and soft citrus notes of lemon verbena

“Requiring only small quantities meant we could be even more selective than usual and utilize our access to some of the most interesting and high quality teas available,” says Eliot Jordan, Mighty Leaf’s Tea Master. “It’s a well balanced portfolio that takes some of our most beloved teas as inspiration to reach a new, higher level—everything from traditional green teas to inventive black and herbal blends to select rare and exotic teas.”

Tea & Company won top scores in the prestigious 2017 Global Tea Championship competition. Tea & Company hand-stitched pouches, loose-leaf teas, and gift packages are available on

Based in San Rafael, CA, Mighty Leaf blends a broad range of artisan specialty teas from the finest ingredients from around the world and distributes its brand primarily through specialty retailers, high-end restaurants, and premier hotels and resorts across North America and globally. Its proprietary handcrafted stitched pouch and its distinctive packaging combine to make it a key premium brand with a strong affinity among loyal consumers.

The company’s superior customer service and comprehensive customer support programs make Mighty Leaf a one-stop solution for retailers, foodservice distributors, and operators and hospitality providers. 

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