Miele Professional has launched the next generation of Professional dishwashers. The new Professional dishwashers combine fast turnaround times, a sleek new design, and high-performance cleaning technology. The line of Professional dishwashers includes the high-speed PG 8056, ideal for homes and office spaces, and the PG 8061, ideal for businesses with sanitization requirements.

The PG 8056 and PG 8061 offer short cycle times that are 20 to 40 percent faster than previous models’ cycle times. A technologically advanced variable-speed heater-pump creates ideal water pressure during the cleaning and rinsing cycles, resulting in impeccable cleaning results while minimizing water consumption. A unique, new spray arm design produces fan shaped jets of water, resulting in better water coverage over dishes and glassware and reduces water consumption even further.

Machine capacity and flexibility have been increased as the new models can accommodate a wide range of baskets and commercial dish racks on two levels. The modern, redesigned dishwashers feature user-friendly touch button controls, a sleek stainless steel exterior with a unique one handle-pull, and are ADA compliant.

PG 8056
The PG 8056 impresses with a rapid six-minute cycle time and offers 10 programs including China & Crystal. This model is ideal for homes, butler’s pantries, offices, test kitchens, and spas.

PG 8061
The PG 8061 features a 15 minute cycle time and three programs, each with a final rinse temperature of 185 degrees. This model is a good choice for businesses that require sanitization, such as wineries, senior care facilities, schools, restaurants, community kitchens, offices, and inns.

“With the launch of these new dishwashers, Miele is raising the bar in cleaning technology yet again,” says Paulo Rocha, laundry and dishwasher sales manager at Miele Professional. “Not only did we increase the cleaning performance, we also redesigned the dishwasher to be even more user-friendly and offer greater flexibility for a wide range of applications. The ability to use commercial dish baskets on two levels is an industry first.”

Both models are designed to run up to 40 cycles per day and have been tested to last at least 15,000 operating hours, offering customers a true commercial solution in a small residential 24-inch footprint. For more information please visit http://www.miele-pro.com/us/prof/news_42857.htm.

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