MICROS Systems, Inc., a leading provider of information technology solutions for the hospitality and retail industries, is pleased to announce the release of a certified MICROS interface for Louvre Hotels Group. This interface allows Louvre Hotels

Group to display price and availability information next to its hotel listings in Google search results, Google Maps and Places pages, and Google Hotel Finder. As this capability is live, this valuable data is now available to the global Google audience.

Louvre Hotels Group, a longtime customer of MICROS, can now interact with Google to drive direct reservation traffic for its Premiere Classe, Kyriad, and Campanile brands. The MICROS interface technology facilitates real-time updates from the Louvre hotel system to the Google sites. This allows Google to present accurate hotel inventory and prices together with various search results and a direct link into the hotels MICROS OPERA booking engine, resulting in direct business from user searches.

“This new connectivity provides a strategic competitive advantage for Louvre Hotels Group hotel properties,” says Thierry Guiraudios, SVP Information Systems.

Chinmai Sharma, VP Revenue and Distribution for Louvre Hotels Group adds, “Connecting with a global technology company such as Google through the MICROS OPERA platform makes it very easy for participating hotels to reach the end customer. Now our hotels can offer best rates and availability directly to our guests who can book with confidence on our brand websites.”

“We are pleased that one of our long-term hotel clients has successfully launched this innovative connection to Google,” says Peter Agel, senior vice president, eCommerce and Strategic Solutions, Europe, Africa, and Middle-East.

“This advanced interface technology with Google is now available for all MICROS hotel clients worldwide. By providing a standardized interface technology to partners offering outstanding hotel search services such as Google, MICROS can better support customer behavior that is leaning heavily towards such generic search platforms. We are happy to contribute to the success of Louvre Brands like Kyriad, Campanile, and Premiere Classe, by allowing these hotels to generate more business directly from consumers.”

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