Merchant Link, a leading payment gateway offering cloud-based cardholder data security solutions, announced its integration with First Data for Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC). Available at U.S. hotels within Merchant Link’s portfolio that meet the minimum requirements, DCC gives foreign travelers the choice to pay for their hotel stay in U.S. dollars or in their native currency (the cardholder’s card billing currency).

At check-in, the traveler makes their currency choice after they are shown approximately what they will be charged in each currency. The currency conversion is then completed on the backend by a third-party, instead of the card issuer. DCC applies to foreign Visa and MasterCard payment cards. There are no additional transaction fees for choosing to implement DCC. Each traveler’s receipt will continue to match the Property Management System (PMS), and each payment will display in the cardholder’s native/selected currency. U.S. hotel merchants will be paid in U.S. dollars.

“First Data is proud to have our Dynamic Currency Conversion solution integrated into Merchant Link’s payment gateway,” says Brian Frey, vice president, Global Currency Solutions at First Data. “Our DCC solution empowers merchants to provide choice of payment currency, full transparency and a frictionless commerce experience to cardholders travelling internationally.”

Other solution benefits include: Convenience and Transparency Cardholders know exactly what they are being charged in their native currency before a transaction – no currency conversion calculations are needed. Customer Choice Cardholders can choose to transact in their currency of choice during their hotel’s check-in process.

Business Travel Travelers can easily budget, keep track of expenses, and simplify expense account reporting. Familiarity Many foreign travelers are already familiar with DCC due to widespread use in international regions across Europe and Asia. Revenue Share DCC helps offset a Hotel’s cross-border related fees improving their total cost of acceptance as the hotel receives a new revenue stream, all while offering a better customer payment experience.

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