Restaurants and similar retail establishments have now had time to grasp the Food and Drug Administration's final menu labeling guidelines and how the ruling affects them.

The regulations cover what and how items need to be labeled and outlines acceptable ways foodservice operators should measure the accuracy of nutritional disclosures.

Once menu items have been labeled, the guideline requires foodservice establishments to certify on a reasonable basis how their nutritional values were determined. Some of the methods approved as evidence of a “reasonable basis" include nutrient databases, laboratory analyses, and cookbooks.

MenuTrinfo has proven its worth over the last 5 years by providing certified nutritional analysis to the food service industry through the company's nutritional database, which was established off of the USDA database.

Through its certification process and seal, MenuTrinfo is helping operators flip the fear by backing and certifying their nutritional information. MenuTrinfo also offers an extra layer of protection through its extensive insurance policy that covers any errors or omissions that may occur during the nutritional analysis process.

“MenuTrinfo has been certifying the nutritional content of menu items for several years. We knew this was coming and are able to give our clients peace of mind because they know that no matter what we have their back,” says Betsy Craig, CEO and founder of MenuTrinfo.

In addition to the certification seal, MenuTrinfo's nutritional services can include:

  • Certified Nutritional Book each location
  • Nutritional certification seal for menus, menu boards and compliance
  • Maintenance and storage of recipes and proprietary information on a secure system
  • Nutritional analysis for new menu items
  • Nutritional help desk

"We give our clients a third-party certification seal that they can place in public view. This shows diners they can trust the accuracy of the information and gives food service establishments the credibility they need should the FDA question them," Craig says.

MenuTrinfo has been prepared for menu labeling since it was first proposed under the Affordable Care Act in 2010 and has provided partnership services to food service establishments ranging from movie theaters to pizzerias and everything in between.

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