The ment’or BKB Foundation announced the third annual Young Chef Competition and the addition of a Commis competition.

The Young Chef Competitions launched in 2014 to recognize outstanding young chefs throughout the country. Selected candidates and their commis will compete in the two hour and 35­minute live cooking competition with judges scoring on taste, presentation and kitchen organization.

Chef Mark Garcia​, winner of the 2015 Chicago Young Chef Competition says, “Having the opportunity to meet chefs of that caliber, being able to cook for them and hear their constructive criticism meant the world. Being recognized by individuals who have taken their passion and made it into a lifestyle was truly inspiring.”

This year, ment’or will host one competition in New York City with six selected candidates. Ment’or co­founder and chairman, Chef Daniel Boulud, ​says, “Every year, we see the talent and pool of young chefs grow. It is gratifying to note that our Young Chef participants have not only honed their skills and craftsmanship,  but stay connected to our culinary network and pass on their knowledge to the next generation of upcoming chefs.”

As with every great team, these young chefs are supported by a commis. In a further effort to inspire those embarking on their culinary careers and to introduce more aspiring young cooks to the Bocuse d’Or, ment’or is announced the addition of the commis competition. Candidates will compete in an hour and a half live cooking competition and will be judged on excellence in overall taste, presentation, and kitchen organization.

Candidates of both the Young Chef Competition and the Commis competition will be paired with mentors from the foundation’s culinary council or previous Bocuse d’Or Team USA representatives to guide them throughout their training.

Winners will have the choice of a cash prize or the coveted opportunity to work with Team USA as they train for the upcoming January 2017 Bocuse d’Or competition in Lyon, France.

Applications are now available through April 7​. Applications and additional details about the ment’or Young Chef and Commis Competitions can be found on the ment’or website and on their social media channels.

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