MealPal, the subscription service and app that offers affordable lunch pick-up from restaurants, announced today their launch of Workpals, an office-driven social feature that allows users to see what meals their co-workers are reserving. This announcement takes place on the heels of MealPal’s expansion of service to Seattle, their newest market in the U.S., as well as their plans to further expand to markets in Asia. 

WorkPals, launching first in Seattle and San Francisco, will help members coordinate their lunch pickups with their colleagues and see the most popular selections in their office. Many large companies have hundreds of employees already using MealPal together. For example, at Salesforce, there are over 1,000 people using MealPal and over 40 percent of them are reserving their lunches from the same restaurant and pick up time as their colleagues. This new feature will make the coordination process of team lunches more efficient.

“Lunch is already a very social meal, with many employees going out with colleagues to pick up meals. Over 80 percent of our customers learned about MealPal from a friend or co-worker, and many of them were already coordinating their meals together. In many cases, one employee is bringing back meals for multiple co-workers from the same restaurant,” says MealPal’s co-founder, Mary Biggins.   

In its two years of operation, MealPal has raised over $35 million in venture capital funding and has served more than 8 million lunches in 16 cities globally. With over 4,000 restaurant partners, MealPal offers their service in major cities in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Australia. Having a strong foothold in these markets and continuing to launch in new cities, MealPal looks towards expanding to additional countries, such as Asia, within the next year. 

MealPal is the subscription service that makes lunch pick-up from restaurants convenient and affordable. MealPal helps restaurants increase efficiencies and revenue during the peak hours and provides a convenient way for MealPal members to receive high quality, affordable, and delicious meals. Founded in 2016 by Mary Biggins and Katie Ghelli, MealPal has facilitated more than 8 million reservations and is currently available in 16 cities across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.


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