To help foodservice operators incorporate trending flavors from around the world on menus, McCormick for Chefs has launched five McCormick Culinary Blends. Pre-blended to ensure consistent flavor and help save on labor costs, these spices were developed to make it easy for chefs to tap into the latest global tastes.

The new spice blend varieties include:

Harissa Seasoning: With a four year 70% expected growth rate2, this blend of hot chiles, warm spices and mint is popular in African and Middle Eastern cooking. Add it to meat and veggies before grilling, stir it into cooked rice and grains, or mix it into yogurt, ketchup or mayonnaise for dips.

Japanese Seven Spice: Also known as Shichimi Togarashi, this combination of seven distinct spices, including chiles, sesame seeds and nori, has a four year 74% expected growth rate. Try it with bone broth, traditional miso and ramen soups, grilled meats, seafood and stir-fry.

Moroccan Seasoning: Sometimes referred to as Ras El Hanout, this mix of cinnamon, cumin, black & red peppers and turmeric has a four year 180% expected growth rate2. Combine it with vegetables, season grilled chicken or shrimp, or add to chicken and lamb stews, kabobs and couscous.

Peruvian Seasoning: With a four year 68% expected growth rate, this blend of chile pepper, paprika, and cumin brings savory South American heat to recipes. Pair it with lamb, chicken, plantains, roasted vegetables or use it to create a signature house-made dipping sauce.

Za’atar Seasoning: A combination of herby, citrusy flavors, this blend is often used in Middle Eastern cuisine and has a four year 342% expected growth rate. Use it on beef, chicken, lamb, roasted vegetables or sprinkle it on appetizers like hummus or flatbread.

“Our McCormick Flavor Forecast allows us to keep a pulse on up and coming flavor trends so we can empower operators to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on evolving consumer preferences. With these new blends, we selected flavors approaching more familiarity to help operators tap into global flavors that will be successful,” says Gary Patterson, executive research chef and senior director of culinary at McCormick For Chefs. “Chefs wanting to explore new ethnic foods can use these blends to experiment and develop new menu items grounded in authentic flavor profiles.”

To try these spices, operators should contact their local sales representative to place an order. Additionally, operators can try these seasonings for free with this rebate, which offers refunds on the purchase of one or all five products.

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