McCain Foods, a family-owned potato and appetizer company, is providing restaurant operators with a dynamic new website featuring easily accessible product information, innovative menu and recipe ideas, and expert advice. Taking into account operator responses from in-depth user research, McCain prioritized the things that matter most to operators—simple product searches, easy-to-execute menu suggestions, and up-to-date trends and suggestions.

“Our customers want more than outstanding products—they expect a genuine partnership with our people and our brand,” says Frank Finn, president of McCain Foods USA. “We’ve launched our new website to enhance the way we partner with our customers and we remain committed to serving their growing needs.”

Positioning McCain as a trusted partner to its foodservice customers, the new website features the hard-working people of McCain sharing their expertise in all aspects of foodservice. Chef Brooke Brantley, director of Culinary North America, and Jennifer Garrett, Ph.D., senior director of health and wellness, offer fascinating insight and helpful advice from their corner of McCain. Visitors can find the latest on flavor trends, menu recommendations, surprising facts on the nutritional value of the potato—and even find out how their day compares to a day in the life of a corporate chef.

Beyond stories and advice from the people of McCain, a business center blog provides day-to-day operational support, offering server training tips and best practices—and access to a full portfolio of profit-driving tools like custom merchandise, product rebates, complimentary samples, and Insiders Club rewards.

The website ( is accessible from any mobile device and allows visitors to sort and filter more than 300 products by the criteria that matter most to them. After asking operator customers specific questions, the new site responds with a robust product search engine in just seconds, with results to fit both restaurant concept and operational demands.

McCain Foods continues to be committed to providing support “beyond the plate” in its quest to remain the best partner to restaurant operators nationwide.


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