With Maxwell House Special Delivery, brewing and serving the rich, full-bodied coffee customers demand is in the bag. Packed in a convenient filter pouch, Maxwell House Special Delivery provides pre-measured roasted and ground coffee for easy brewing. Simply place the entire pre-measured pouch into the brewer, press brew, and done. When finished, pull out the pouch and dispose–it couldn’t be more convenient. The filter pouch format helps ensure loose grounds stay out of the brewed coffee and provides a consistent flavor profile, pot after pot. Expertly roasted for rich, full-bodied flavor, Maxwell House Special Delivery is sure to exceed both operator and customer expectations.

From roast and ground coffee to on-demand formats, Maxwell House delivers superior quality and value that operators can rely on. Roast and ground options include fractional packs, whole bean, shuttle packs, in-room filter packs and urn packs, in addition to the Special Delivery filter packs. Maxwell House coffee is also available in frozen liquid concentrate, shelf-stable liquid concentrate, soluble and single cup varieties.  Refreshing Maxwell House Iced Tea is profitable option that appeals to cold beverage drinkers.

Maxwell House Special Delivery offers the easiest solution for quickly offering delicious coffee to your guests. With pre-measured convenience, reliable consistency and the cleanliness of no loose grounds, Maxwell House Special Delivery will make it simpler for you to offer the quality coffee consumers want.

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