Liquid coffee is the easy way to reduce waste and labor while giving customers the Maxwell House coffee they know and love.

There is no unused product and no need to brew coffee throughout the day because the first cup of coffee tastes as fresh as the last. Maxwell House has made important improvements to Shelf Stable Liquid Coffee offerings and equipment that will make equipment maintenance easier and enrich the quality of the coffee customers demand.

The equipment experts at Maxwell House are constantly seeking feedback from operators to improve the Maxwell House serving experience. This valuable input was used to select a new product fitment piece for Shelf Stable Liquid Coffee machines.

This one-time update will allow a quicker and cleaner hook-up on all future product changes.  Current customers will receive the new fitment for free in product shipments, with simple instructions on replacement.

In addition to equipment upgrades, Maxwell House has made improvements to the coffee itself. All Liquid Coffee, both shelf stable and frozen varieties, now features no added flavors, as well as no preservatives. Now operators can feel even better about serving the truly fresh, “good to the last drop” flavor of Maxwell House, a beloved American brand with 92 percent brand awareness.

Plus, each box of Shelf Stable Liquid Coffee, available in both caffeinated and decaffeinated varieties, makes up to 346 8 oz. servings and offers extended unrefrigerated 12-month shelf life. Perfect for operators with limited refrigerator or freezer space, the minimal setup lets operators brew fresh cups quickly.

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