MAXStick Products Ltd., an industry leading supplier of liner-free, removable adhesive, label products, is proud to announce the certification of MAXStick Liner-Free Labels on the BIXOLON SPP-R200II Mobile Printer.

The compact, yet rugged, SPP-R200II is part of the BIXOLON Mobile Printer line and features a one touch open cover that allows for easy and effective drop in paper loading. The printer is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iOS, Android, and Windows, and supports WLAN and Bluetooth. An optional Integrated Card Reader (MSR) is available for the printer.

“Our certified MAXStick SPP-R200II Direct Thermal printer provides a better mobility solution for multiple applications such as door-to-door delivery, take-out labeling/delivery, and date coding using MAXStick media, as well as many mobile receipt applications utilizing standard direct thermal paper all in one unit,” says Heidi Martin, BIXOLON’s director of sales for North America. “With over 100,000 units performing these applications in the field today, you can rest assured that our dual purpose SPP-R200II printer is a better solution for your mobile receipt and label needs.”

The SPP-R200II joins several other printers including the recently released LLP-1800 MAXStick Liner-Free Label Printer from Martel Instruments as a device certified to work with MAXStick. The BIXOLON SPP-R200 is certified to work with the complete line of MAXStick Products which includes MAXStick Premium, MAXStick2GO, MAXStick Colors, MAXStick Plus, MAXStick X2 and MAXStick X2 Colors.

MAXStick Liner-Free Labels can be utilized in a variety of industries including foodservice/hospitality, warehousing, retail, libraries, parking, reusable plastic containers, and medical diagnostics. MAXStick is also an environmentally friendly labeling solution that is recyclable, silicone-free, and BPA-Free.

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