The Mill House and executive Chef Jeff Scheer will, for the second year in a row, be hosting a group chef’s, all from various culinary capitals around the U.S. The chefs which have been hand-picked for this collaboration represent a movement that is shaping the contemporary culinary scene.

These highly acclaimed chefs are involved with some of the most successful and cutting edge restaurants which concern themselves with providing a purposeful, all encompassing dining experience. Their innovative menus and approach to ingredients and dining leave a lasting impression. The Chefs will be on island from August 28—September 4. The three main events open to the public will take place from September 1—3.

“It is always inspiring to work with different chefs because everyone has a different background, a different expertise and you can always learn something. Every time I get around other Chefs it turns up the volume on all the new ideas I have been thinking about,” says Executive Chef Jeff Scheer “Maui is an incredible place. The farms, the scenery, and the people make Maui a place unlike any other. Living here day to day you know that, but its incredible when you get to bring other chefs here and share all of that with them. Maui Chefs Invitational is a chance to show off Maui and allow Chefs from around the country to get inspired.”

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