With the gin renaissance booming, the spirit world has three men and one bottle to thank, Martin Miller's Gin, the brand that pioneered the first wave of the gin renaissance with its launch in 1999. Already a cult classic in the world's biggest gin cultures, Spain and the United Kingdom, Martin Miller's Gin is now making a push for widespread distribution in the United States to meet increasing demand. 

Martin Miller's Gin started as an idea between three friends who set out in the late 1990s to create the finest, highest quality gin, a luxury product that everyone could enjoy.

Today, with a presence in over 45 countries across all continents, Martin Miller's Gin is the biggest independent gin brand in the world and the highest awarded premium gin on the global market. Continuing to set the standard for the super premium gin category it pioneered almost 15 years ago, Martin Miller's is at its core a spirit perfected. Offering its global fan base incomparable value, it is the most expensive gin to produce and the only gin blended using pure, live Icelandic Spring water.

Considered radical in a period where the allure and historically rich exoticism of gin had been lost in the shadows of other spirits, the launch of Martin Miller's Gin in 1999 marked a new age and a new direction for the gin industry. With its original twists on traditional distillation methods, use of Icelandic Spring water and the subtle addition of a new ingredient, cucumber, the flavor profile took the spirits world by storm.

The radical spirit quickly captured the attention of other industry leaders, as companies followed suit – in many cases taking it too far with the addition of intense, overpowering botanicals and flavors. While competitors experimented with new distillation methods and flavor profiles, Martin Miller's stuck to the same recipe and subtlety of flavor that they had perfected in the 1990s, soon receiving the title of a classic gin.

Marked with the emergence of artisan, small batch gin brands and the renewed interest in cocktail culture, the second wave of the gin renaissance is now in full bloom.  Despite the interest in craft brands, Martin Miller's continues to pioneer the second wave by taking the highest quality gin to the broader public on a grand, far-reaching scale. Martin Miller's larger batch approach enables them to offer guaranteed consistency in quality for an unparalleled value.

To create the best product, Martin Miller's sources the best ingredients, employs the best distillation methods, and blends the spirit with the purest, softest water on earth, only found in Iceland. Up to ten times purer than most bottled water, Icelandic Spring water is the perfect canvas to highlight the beautiful botanical flavors of the spirit, while providing a soft, almost sweet mouth feel to the finish.

Intent on staying true to gin's romantic history, the three friends found the best distiller in England and demanded that he use only the most traditional methods. Distilled in one of the 'Rolls Royce' of gin stills, a single pot dating back to 1904 and affectionately named Angela, Martin Miller's employs the rich, though labor intensive, techniques of old fashioned gin distillation.

Martin Miller's uses only the central part of the distillation, the heart – refusing to repurpose and bottle the dregs of the gin, as is common practice among other brands. In a twist on tradition, the brand employs two separate distillations for the juniper and earthier botanicals and later for the citrus elements. This allows for a more balanced gin with brighter citrus notes. In the final steps, cucumber is added and used as a drying agent, giving the gin its fresh, long, dry finish. A super premium gin unlike any other, the end result is bottled magic – the finest, most expensive gin to produce, available to all at a sensible price


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