Chef Adam Hegsted of Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort in Worley, Idaho, is the winner of the MARS Chef Showdown Dessert Recipe Contest. The winning “MARS Lasagna” dessert recipe uses MILKY WAY and SNICKERS candy to create a delectable dish of white chocolate, caramelized bananas, candy bar “Bolognese,” and creamed peanut butter cheese.

Hegsted enjoys using MARS candy brands in other dessert creations on his menu. He mixes them in cheesecakes and adds them as delicious toppings on ice cream to increase craveability. “For the recipe contest, I wanted to create something different from a flavored cheesecake or pie,” Hegsted says. “I had been playing with caramelizing white chocolate and thought it looked like a pasta sheet. I combined the ideas together and, voila, MARS Lasagna is the decadent result.”

As the winner of the MARS Chef Showdown Dessert Recipe Contest, Hegsted will receive a trip for two to the South Beach Food & Wine Festival where he will have the opportunity to mingle with world-renowned chefs and discover an array of amazing foods.

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