Maritime Wine Trading Collective was appointed the sole USA representative for ViñaUndurraga’s Undurraga, Sibaris, Terroir Hunter and U labeled wines that include vintage Brut and Brut Rosé sparkling wines,Carmènére, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc from their vast site-specific vineyards in Chile.

“Consistent with Maritime's portfolio management approach of bringing to market established prestige estate wine brands, which are leaders within their respective categories, Undurraga represents an absolute best in class,” states Maritime founder and CEO, Chris Nickolopoulos. “This Chilean winery encompasses incredibly diverse vineyard resources that are second to none in South America. Dating back to 1885, Undurraga was amongst the very first wine estates in all of South America. The Picciotto andYuraszeck families have spent years developing sites throughout Chile's finest viticultural regions, from North to South, which produce profoundly terroir-driven fine wines.”

Ernesto Müller, Managing Director of Viña Undurraga adds, “Our goal at Viña Undurraga is to consolidate our status as one of the most important wineries in Chile, with an emphasis on quality and innovation.  We aim to achieve this by producing wines from specific origins that reflect the diversity that our country offers with brands that obtain a high level of international recognition. Ouragreement with Maritime fills us with pride as we have found a great partner who is focused on promoting high-end wines. With it comes a greater responsibility to our consumers, as we must work twice as hard to maintain the trust that they have bestowed on us for offering wines that meet with their ever-evolving day to day tastes.”

“We are very excited at the opportunity to share these wines with Maritime's trading partners throughout the USA and build the Undurraga brand in all US markets,” concludes Chris.

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