Manny’s new 85-day aged 24-ounce bone-in Ribeye boasts deep flavor and intense mineraltiy. 

“Time is the natural tenderizer,” says chef Josh Hill of Manny’s, “but there are risks to aging beef almost three months. You have to do it correctly to achieve a steak that’s intensely flavorful but not over-ripe, and incredibly tender yet still meaty. The aging environment’s temperature and moisture level have to be maintained within very narrow parameters. For that you need the best equipment, with tightly controlled access. The meat needs to be rotated constantly.  The whole process isn’t just time-consuming, it’s labor intensive and just plain expensive.”

“There’s no room for error,” says Hill. “The meat is delicate and can be overcooked more easily than other steaks. The consequences of improper aging combined with the potential for loss owing to inexpert cooking scares off most restaurants.”

“Along with its inherent tenderness and on-the-bone flavor, Manny’s Ribeye is plenty formidable enough to stand up to 85 days of aging,” says Hill.



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