Mangalitsa by Møsefund, a Mangalitsa pig breeder and processor, is unveiling its new fresh Mangalitsa by Møsefund bacon burgers for restaurants, institutions, supermarkets, and grocery stores. 

Now for the first time, the meat for this award-winning bacon burger is available fresh, not frozen, through the company and its distributors—Solex Catsmo, Fossil Farms, Chef's Collective, Martin Preferred Foods, Goode Hospitality, and Culinary Classics. Ideal as an all-natural “locavore” offering, Mangalitsa by Møsefund bacon burger meat patties are available in 2, 4 5 and 8 ounce sizes. Up until now the Mangalitsa by Møsefund bacon burgers were only available frozen.

Oftentimes referred to as “Kobe” pork, Mangalitsa meat is succulent, delicate in texture, and richly flavored, making it one of the most delicious and healthy choices of any meat option. Mangalitsa is low in saturated fats, and high in monounsaturated fats, the kind that lower bad cholesterol, (LDL). In addition, it is exceptionally high in Omega 3 fatty acids, and Conjugated Linoleic Acids, both shown in numerous studies to lower LDL cholesterol. In fact, according to independent scientific research by the College of Agriculture of Auburn University, ” Mangalitsa meat is considerably higher in monounsaturated, or ‘good,’ fatty acids and lower in undesirable saturated fats, factors that suggest Mangalitsa meat is healthier to consume.”

In announcing the availability of its Mangalitsa by Møsefund fresh bacon burgers, G. Chris Andersen, founder and chief executive officer of Mangalitsa by Møsefund says, “What started for me as a quest to find a better tasting pork for myself has resulted in the most exciting and gratifying experience of uncovering and offering to others the most flavorful and healthful pork in the world.”

An investment banker (head of G.C. Andersen Partners LLC and the former head of the Investment Banking Group of Drexel Burnham Lambert and former vice chairman of PaineWebber) who has traveled the world, Andersen has almost single-handedly brought the Mangalitsa, a near extinct heritage breed pig from the Austro-Hungarian empire, to the U.S. through his Møsefund Farm in Branchville, New Jersey.  

“This is truly a unique animal. With their strikingly long curly hair (there brunettes, blonds and red-heads) and fatty, marbled meat, they're becoming favorites of both chefs and sophisticated consumers. Because of Mangalitsa by Møsefund’s careful protection of the purity of its Mangalitsa’ genetics, the care with which they are raised, and the special diet they are fed, the meat and fat on Certified Mangalitsa by Møsefund pigs has an amazing flavor, quality and consistency with the highest monounsaturated fat and low in saturated fat. That is why we like to call Mangalitsa, ‘the better tasting, better for you red meat’. So not only is it delicious, it is good for you too,” Andersen says. 

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