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Planning to switch to mobile corporate training through LMS? Wondering how to choose the best Learning Management System? What features to look for and consider? If yes, then this blog post is a must read for you. We will share with you great tips on choosing the best LMS.

Determine Your Corporate Learning Objectives and Goals

With so many options available on the market, choosing the best learning management system is not easy. However, to narrow down your choices and select the best one first list down your corporate learning objectives, needs and goals. This will help you have a clear sense of what you like to achieve by incorporating LMS in your organizational landscape.

For example, is your objective only knowledge sharing or skill development or do you also want to test their skills, foster community building and promote social interaction among employees.

Once you have defined your goals and objectives, it will become quite easy for you to narrow your selection before you make your final decision.

Assess Training Features and See Whether These Features Can Help You Achieve Your Corporate Training Goals and Objectives

When choosing a learning management system for your organization, explore features of the system. Assess them to gauge whether or not the LMS in consideration can help you achieve your targeted objectives and goals without any limitations. For example Schoox is a feature-filled eLearning system. It includes features like:

  • Corporate course and curriculum
  • Course assignment by job and location
  • On the job training
  • Open API
  • Reporting dashboard
  • Certifications
  • Quiz and exam creation feature
  • Corporate content library
  • Content management panel
  • Open community

Now these features can be useful for those organizations who wish to:

  • Provide specific training to employees at certain designation
  • Promote community building and social interaction among employees
  • Assess employee skills by conducting tests

Simply put, this platform is useful for organizations who want to offer more to their employees than just overloading them with information and resources.

Power to Control

Another factor that you should is the power to control. Look for a learning management system that gives you the trainer or manager full-control in terms of LMS management, resource access, keep track of employee performance and restrict access. This allows you to evaluate employee performance, see how much time they spent on the system and on training outside of the work environment. Also, district managers and franchisees can be given separate permission rules to assign courses and get reports. You can restrict employee access to certain material and courses that you feel should remain private until those employees reach that level and designation.

Quick Set Up

Look for an Learning Management System which is quick to deploy and user-friendly so that it is easy to work around it and leverage it to your business success.

Free Trial-No Risk

Furthermore, consider opting for an Learning Management System that offers a free trial. This helps you try and test the system to your satisfaction before you switch to it completely. This lowers the risk. Besides, you have nothing to lose. If it doesn’t work out well, you can always claim for a refund before the trial period ends.


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