Main Event is launching a first-of-its-kind accredited, in-center educational program, Play Academy to bring school field trips up a notch for the new school year.

In partnership with leading education consultants and Big Thought Institute, Play Academy is based on STEAM curriculum, that brings fun, standard-based learning experiences for students and teachers to Main Event locations across the nation.

Schools and educators can book these field trip experiences for their students from grades 1-12 who will be able to enjoy four educational learning labs that complement some of Main Event’s main attractions:

Bowling: Students will test their skills in 10 frames of bowling while experimenting with a range of variables.

Laser Tag: Students will strategically place mirrors in their Laser Tag Arena to identify the best refraction angles to tag their opponent.

Arcade Games: Students will use Skeeball, Basketball and Air Hockey to experiment with probability, kinetic energy and averages.

Pizza: Percentages and fractions are combined for a math-themed threat, Students will collect data to learn how fractions and percentages can determine the cost of things, all while enjoying their favorite Main Event pie.

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