Maggie McFly’s, Local Craft Eatery & Bar, announced the opening of its 9th location in Boca Raton, FL, located within the Boca Town Center Mall (6000 Glades Road, Boca Raton, FL 33431.) The slated opening, Fall of 2023, will make this the groups’ first location within the state of Florida (currently in Connecticut, New York and Virginia.)

Known for its keen ability to source and implement the finest and freshest locally-sourced products and ingredients, Maggie McFly’s, brings a large sense of community to its already established brand image. Working with small to large­ scale companies and brands, the group believes that local and fresh is the only way to nourish, fulfill and execute their menu items (180+ menu items, at that) while upholding the highest standards that their community deserves. Local­ sourcing at Maggie McFly’s, starts from the bottom, up. Any possible component infused into recipes, which can be provided locally, will be. Farm-fresh eggs, apiary-direct honey, and ever-so-popular cupcakes and desserts, help to make-up the vast roster of local partners Maggie McFly’s depends on for its local-sourcing. The brand is a huge believer that the absolute finest items used in their dishes, will come from the very surrounding soil on which the restaurant(s) reside.

Guests with dietary restrictions and conscious dining choices, will also find a large selection of gluten-free dishes, as well as, available modification options, which will enable a more relaxed and enjoyable experience.

The brands’ Founder and Sole-Owner, Ray Harper, is particularly excited about Maggie McFly’s arrival to Florida, in particular, Boca Raton. He states,” I believe we fit into a niche segment the community of Boca Raton will truly appreciate. Unlike national chains, we can purchase from, and cultivate relationships with smaller, local purveyors whose life-mission is providing superb products to and for their hyper-local community. Brands who are producing and putting their name on products they’re proud of and would stand by. This is a statement, Maggie McFly’s, can absolutely get behind.”

Besides the large menu of cross-cultured classics and innovative creations, Maggie McFly’s is also known as an eatery with a phenomenal bar to back-it-up. Ray, along-side his team of seasoned industry pros, have compiled a collection of impressive bourbons, spirits, wines (bottle and tap), and an extensive draft line-up of brews (most-of-which, locally­ sourced.)

Guests are also invited to take a piece of the brand home, from the newly-designed apparel collection. Featuring hoods, crews and long / short-sleeved tees, etc. adorned with the distinguished “Maggie” silhouette, as well as an additional selection of attention-grabbing designs and styles.

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