Maggie McFly’s, Connecticut’s Award-Winning restaurant and bar announced the opening of its ninth location in West Hartford, Connecticut, located within the Westfarms Mall (1500 New Britain Avenue, West Hartford, CT 06100.)

The opening will make for the groups’ sixth location throughout the state of Connecticut – also currently with two locations within Virginia, including Springfield (10 minutes outside metro D.C.) and Virginia Beach as well as the newest edition to the roster, Albany, NY, open as of July 2019 in the Crossgates Mall. Known for its keen ability to source and implement the finest and freshest locally-sourced products and ingredients, Maggie McFly’s brings a large sense of community to its already established brand image.

Working with small to large local companies, the group believes that local and fresh is the only way to nourish, fulfill and execute their menu items while upholding the highest standard that their community deserves. Local sourcing at Maggie McFly’s® starts from the bottom up. Any possible component which is infused into the making of a menu item that can be locally sourced, will be. From baked goods; including most dessert options to farm-fresh honey (which is incorporated into the majority of their house-made dressings and glazes) as well as produce, pasta and meats. Just a few examples of the vast catalogue of partners Maggie McFly’s has teamed-up with, within its communities.

The establishments also offer a growing list of all-natural and organic options including one of the newest trends within the food industry, plant-based meats. Guests with dietary restrictions can also easily find a large selection of gluten-free items highlighted within the 180-item, 24 page menu.

The culinary team of Maggie McFly’s, working from a scratch kitchen, has created a menu that includes epicurean entrees as well as signature burgers, large-portioned salads, speciality pizzas and fresh pasta dishes as well as an innovative and trending rotating seasonal specials menu. Infamous for its generous portions and modest prices, the brand fits into the niche of “Upscale Casual Dining,” according to its sole-owner and founder, Ray Harper. Maggie McFly’s not only believes in local-sourcing, but also sourcing where environmental conscious factors can be taken into consideration.

Incorporating a superb wines-by-the-glass program, the bar utilizes a nitrous system which not only preserves freshness, yet also plays a huge factor in recycling, as the system eliminates the use of 29 glass bottles by incorporating a reusable keg. Maggie McFly’s beverage roster includes over 100 local craft beers; a strong line-up of single malt scotches, small batch bourbons and high-end tequilas; as well as an enticing menu of martinis and social media-worthy specialty drinks and cocktails, most-of-which comprised of local spirits.

“Our philosophy is to find or develop delicious and innovative recipes and serve them to the dining public at reasonable prices,” says Ray Harper. “People should not have to go to a pricey seafood restaurant to enjoy fresh salmon cooked to perfection, or to a high-end Italian restaurant to enjoy fresh pasta.”

The brands philosophy and general vibe is one that is not to be taken so seriously. Incorporating mixed materials and one-off visual graphics, the atmosphere can be best stated as bold and modern yet family-friendly.

Award-wining, Boston-based architectural firm, Sousa Design has been working hand-in-hand with Harper since the opening of his Glastonbury, CT location.

The designers pay specific attention to detail while utilizing materials and elements not typically expected when entering a mall dining experience. Harper, being a huge fan of pop culture, especially within music, has custom built a play-list ranging in genres from 80’s to rock to alternative – appeasing to most crowds who are looking for a more up-beat experience than the typical. The brands Founder is particularly excited about the new location in West Hartford, CT: “I believe that we fit into a niche the restaurant-goers in West Hartford will truly appreciate. Unlike national chains we can purchase from and cultivate relationships with smaller, local purveyors that are always striving to provide the best ingredients.” he says, indicating that the scratch cooking and the high quality of food served at Maggie McFly’s is a departure from some of the national chains that are available in that market, while the restaurant’s price points and casual atmosphere make it more accessible than some of the area’s high end restaurants

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