The Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board (LSPMB) is kicking off the first ever “Fresh From the Dock” Louisiana Shrimp Week in New York City on June 27 and partnering with the city’s finest restaurants and chefs to showcase this delicious delicacy with specially crafted signature dishes.  

Come hungry because twenty-two lauded restaurants will be participating in our Louisiana shrimp fest including three of David Burke’s celebrated fine-dining establishments. Eat your way through this spectacular culinary tour where you’ll feast on Chef Josh Capon's Louisiana Shrimp Ceviche at Lure Fishbar and Marc Murphy’s succulent Salt and Pepper Louisiana Shrimp at Ditch Plains. And did you ever try Louisiana Shrimp Boil in a Paint Can? You now can at David Burke Kitchen!

Chefs in the best restaurants in the country love and trust Louisiana Seafood. They come back to it time and again for its distinctively clean, mild flavor and firm texture that is due to the nutrient-rich waters from which it is raised.

"I source much of the shrimp served at Oceana directly from New Orleans," says Chef Ben Pollinger. "Louisiana Seafood is one of our country's oldest, sustainable industries and I support and advocate for it. It's not hard to do when guests enjoy it so much – shrimp from the Gulf is some of the tastiest and most flavorful on the market." 

“Fresh From the Dock” will be the Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board’s first foray into a direct to chef program. In other words, the 100 percent wild-caught, sustainable shrimp are sourced straight from the teeming gulf waters of Louisiana and sent fresh to each participating restaurant, making this the closest one can come to a true shrimp boat to shrimp dish experience.

“We are thrilled to be kicking off Louisiana Shrimp Week in New York City,” says Ewell Smith, executive director of the LSPMB. “The caliber of restaurants and chefs in this city is staggering and I am proud to say we are partnering with some of the best.

"Many people aren’t aware that Louisiana is the leading domestic purveyor of all-American, wild-caught seafood. When you support our fishing industry and seafaring traditions, you are sustaining the heritage, lifestyle and natural environment that has fortified our culture and fed this country for generations. The support of these world-class restaurants and chefs is overwhelming.”

In fact, Louisiana provides nearly a third of all domestic seafood consumed in the continental U.S. and has a $2.4 billion total impact on the Louisiana economy. Wild, abundant Louisiana Seafood is a sustainable resource and represents a vitally important cultural and socio-economic jewel in America’s history.

For more information about “Fresh From the Dock” Louisiana Shrimp Week in New York City including each restaurant’s promotion dates and each chef’s signature menu item, visit

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