Louisiana Fish Fry Products, a leading supplier of Louisiana-inspired breadings & batters, boil seasonings, sauces and spices, has recently hired its first Chief Fry Officer. Marcus Spears, a former Louisiana State University All-American, former defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys and current ESPN football analyst, will lean on his “Chef Swagu” kitchen skills to offer his expertise in frying in this newly appointed position.

Marcus Spears with Louisiana Fish Fry Products Original Seasoned Fish Fry, showcasing the brand’s new packaging

“I’ve lived all over the U.S. in my career, and cooking with Louisiana Fish Fry Products always reminds me of home,” says Marcus Spears. “Growing up in Baton Rouge, I was always watching my grandmother cook for us. I would watch her fry fish in a cast iron skillet using ‘the blue bag’ mix, which made it so crispy and flavorful. As I got older and started cooking for myself, I quickly learned the blue bag was Louisiana Fish Fry. So I guess you could say I have a pretty impressive resume to join the team as Chief Fry Officer.”

In this role, Spears will share his own cooking tips and tricks and release recipes using his favorite Louisiana Fish Fry Products, all to spread the word that Louisiana Fish Fry Products delivers breadings, sauces and seafood boils that are perfect for cooking up delicious meals. Consumers can also find Spears in the brand’s latest TV and radio campaigns, as well as on social media, at special events and even working at the Louisiana Fish Fry Products office and plant in Baton Rouge.

“We knew our Chief Fry Officer role needed to be filled by someone who appreciates Louisiana flavor, brings the spice to the kitchen and can pass a good time,” adds Caroline Gray, Louisiana Fish Fry Products’ Vice President of Marketing. “Marcus Spears was the top seed. He immediately fit in really well with the team and we’re excited to kick off our work together.”

For over 40 years, Louisiana Fish Fry Products has been bringing the essence of Louisiana to every table through affordable, flavorful and homemade meals designed to bring people together around the table. Its high-quality batters and coatings, seafood boils, sauces and marinades, entree and rice mixes, baking mixes, and spices and seasonings deliciously deliver authentic taste that has been perfected over generations. The entire portfolio of products spans deep fry, air fry and oven fry for multiple protein types, and each product is developed by people who cook, for people who cook.

Louisiana Fish Fry Products are sold in regional and national grocers including: Walmart, Kroger, H-E-B, Albertsons, Publix, and on Amazon and creolefood.com. To hear Spears’ game plan as he takes on the role of Louisiana Fish Fry Products’ Chief Fry Officer, visit louisianafishfry.com/chief-fry-officer or follow @lafishfry on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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