The Lost Cajun, a family-friendly restaurant focused on authentic Cajun food and hospitality, is set for further expansion in Texas. Founded by Louisiana-native Raymond “Griff” Griffin, the restaurant focused on providing a down-home atmosphere and southern hospitality you can feel is slated to open in Mansfield in early 2018.

The new restaurant—located at 1530 East Debbie Lane—will be owned and operated by Michael Young, a former Senior Engineering Analyst, and his wife Nancy, who currently serves as an Account Executive at and insurance company.

“We are thrilled about bringing The Lost Cajun’s culture to Mansfield,” Michael says. “We will offer a remarkable dining experience that is not just another sandwich shop, pizza parlor or burger joint. The Lost Cajun offers authentic, great tasting Cajun food that is not too spicy, and full of flavors. We believe the community is going to love it.”

The Lost Cajun’s menu offers diners a sampling of traditional Cajun fare, including a variety of gumbos – seafood, chicken and sausage, and vegetarian. Red beans and rice, crawfish etouffee and lobster bisque also top the menu, as does another Cajun staple, jambalaya. And what Cajun restaurant would be complete without beignets for dessert?

The Lost Cajun further distinguishes itself with a fantastic down-home atmosphere—a true hole-in-the-wall with wooden tables, unique decorations and an expertly crafted playlist of Zydeco music. The open kitchen concept harks back to the wooden counters in Louisiana’s gumbo houses; patrons can watch their food being cooked and hear the courtesy and respect commonly associated with Cajun culture.

“As we continue to expand our presence in Texas, it’s critical to find the right franchise partners who are passionate about the brand,” says Griff. “This is why we couldn’t be more excited about welcoming Michael and Nancy to the team. Michael and Nancy are both hardworking individuals who share the same values as we do and both will be instrumental to expanding the brand in Texas.”

“At The Lost Cajun, all the workers—from the chef to the servers – have three phrases ingrained in their vocabulary: ‘please,’ ‘thank you’ and ‘you’re welcome,” adds Griff. “Patrons can hear the interaction between chef and server: ‘Order in, Chef.’ ‘Thank you, Chef.’ Servers address patrons using ‘sir’ and ‘ma’am.’”

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