Jim Carmody, vice president and general manager of the Seaport Boston Hotel along with Dan Fulham, president of Long Trail Brewing Company, tapped the keg and enjoyed a first taste of Seaport Honey Ginger IPA, produced by Long Trail Brewing Company using Seaport’s homegrown honey on September 16 at 11 a.m.

Seaport Honey Ginger IPA features fresh honey collected from the August 2013 harvest at the Seaport Boston Hotel.  The hotel is home to over 1 million bees and features 11 rooftop hives; the most recent harvest collected 350 pounds of honey, of which 300 pounds were delivered to the brewery.  It was developed using Long Trail’s pilot brew system that allows the brewery team to create specialty beer recipes without interfering with normal daily production at the Vermont-based brewery.  The beer will be offered exclusively on tap at Tamo bar & lounge.


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