González Byass is proud to announce the arrival of London No. 1 to the U.S. market this spring. The gold-medal winning London Dry style gin will launch initially in New York and Florida with additional markets to be added.

Since Gonzalez Byass launched London No. 1 in 2005, it has seen tremendous growth in the Spanish market, growing 253 percent between 2011 and 2013. According to Nielsen, London No. 1 has gained a total market share of more than 12 percent in the super-premium gin segment. 

Critics are enjoying London No. 1, as well. In 2013, London No. 1 took home gold medals in both The Spirits Business Gin Masters Competition and WSWA Tasting Competition hosted by Tasting Panel Magazine.

“This is one of our first of many projects towards expansion into the U.S. market,” says Jorge Grosse, González Byass CEO. “With the gin and tonic trend exploding in Spain, and the continued interest in super-premium spirits in the U.S., the timing couldn’t be more appropriate to bring London No. 1 to the U.S.”

London No. 1 is distilled in London under the direction of Master Distiller Charles Maxwell and contains 12 key botanicals, including juniper, coriander, angelica root, lemon peel, licorice, cinnamon, almond, savory, iris root, orange peel, and bergamot. It is one of only a handful of gins actually distilled in London and uses the small batch pot still method to ensure consistent quality.

The gin is finished with bergamot oil, giving a perfumed aroma of Earl Grey tea. Citrus qualities marry beautifully with the fresh and juicy flavors of Italian orange and lemon peel. London No. 1 is quadruple-distilled, resulting in a full-bodied, modern gin that has a nose with marked notes of balsamic herbs, spices, juniper and truffle. 

The mouth is soft, elegant, and mellow with a long and refreshing finish, making it perfect for mixing a Gin and Tonic or any classic gin-based cocktail. Spain has been a key player in the Gin and Tonic renaissance and London No. 1 has been a major part of this movement.

The origins of London No. 1’s name dates back to 1771, when the first Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, built his London townhouse on the southeast facing corner of Hyde Park. Its formal name is Apsley House, but it quickly became known as No. 1 London due to its grandeur and prominent location. The address became synonymous with refined elegance, artistrys and culture—all attributes that are proudly reflected in London No. 1 gin.  

London No. 1 retails for $38.99 and is 47 percent ABV. It is imported by Vin Divino, a subsidiary of Gonzalez Byass.

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