Mallow Artisan Marshmallow founder Brian Freeman founded a business that echoes the philosophy behind the quote “Money can't buy happiness. But it can buy marshmallows, which are kinda the same thing” – Unknown.  From his wife’s birthday wish for a fresh chocolate dipped marshmallow free of artificial ingredients or flavorings, a two-year-old successful business has evolved with more than 20 handcrafted, seasonal flavors.  Summer, synonymous with s’mores around the campfire or crispy mallows cooked over barbecue coals, is the inspiration behind seasonal favs Orange Creamsicle, Root Beer Float, Key Lime Pie and Lavender. 

Orange Creamsicle brings out the kid in everyone, stirring memories of that ringing bell signaling the ice cream truck was near. Sweet and tart, this mallow sports the refreshing, juicy flavor of fresh oranges tempered by a smooth creamy vanilla.  Not only does it fly solo, but imagine it as part of an Ambrosia salad, topping a cupcake or on a more adult scale, accompanying a shot of marshmallow vodka. 

Root Beer Floats are the perfect complement to warm weather.  While the local drugstore may no longer have a counter serving the bubbly confection, Mallow captures the essence in one bite sized marshmallow.  It is impossible to eat just one and of course, the buoyant confection is a great addition to the homemade liquid treat it is named after.

The distinctive tart/sweet flavor of Key Lime Pie mallows is evocative of the famous pastry, when sandwiched between two graham crackers.  Add some chocolate and this summer version of s’mores is absolutely addictive.  They are also a great pairing with sorbets or ice cream.

Lavender is a hold-over from spring, due to its immense popularity.   Delicate in flavor and lovely to look at, these beauties melt on the tongue.  Fresh and fluffy, they stand alone; work beautifully melted on graham crackers with chocolate; or makes a great accompaniment to sun tea. 

Mallow Artisan Marshmallows contain no artificial ingredients, no preservatives and no high fructose corn syrup – and are made using certified kosher gelatin.  They may be ordered online, purchased at the Fremont Sunday Market, or found in select local markets such as Whole Foods.  

Vegan alert – as of May of this year, "alpha testing" has begun at the Fremont Sunday Market.  A year and a half in the works, Brian’s answer to the most asked question is “yes, you can toast them!”


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