Chef and Master Sommelier Steven Geddes of Local 127, a Cincinnati-based "New American Eatery" with an emphasis on quality local sourcing, has been hard at work with Kenny Mattingly of Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese to prepare for yet another opportunity for local foodies to experience an entire four-course meal designed around one of the region's top producers.

Each of the four courses will feature at lease one of the artisianl, raw-milk cow cheeses, the products for which Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese was recently awarded the 2012 American Treasures award.

"In the summer of 2009, I tasted a selection of cheese from Kenny's Farmhouse, and from that moment on, I have featured these raw cow's milk treats at the restaurant," Geddes says. "The quality of the cheese crafted by Kenny and his team, along with their ongoing commitment to excellence, is the reason I nominated Kenny Mattingly and his farm for an American Treasures award."

The dinner will take place on August 19 at 6 p.m., and the menu will include:

  • First course: Potatos skins, reserve white Cheddar cheese whiz, and crispy pork belly
  • Second course: Havarti soup, heirloom tomato, and pistachio pesto
  • Third course: Chicken saltimbocca, smoked Gouda, prosciutto, and sage jus; short ribs, Kentucky rose fondue, red onion jam, potatoes au gratin, tomme de nena, and preserved lemon gremolata; and roasted corn, norwood, lime juice, and herbs
  • Fourth course: Barren Country blue cheesecake, apricot mostarda, and whipped cream
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