With many of the world’s Quick Service Restaurants pledging to Be Green by 2025 with improved  packaging and recycling practices, Liquibox, now part of Sealed Air (SEE), met the need to develop a recycle-ready version of its well-known patented urn-liner product line.  

The recycle-ready urn-liner is comprised of an all-polyethylene bag and adapter with a removable  thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) tube. The tube can now be easily separated from the bag’s adapter so  that the mono-material bag can be recycled. This innovation makes Liquibox urn-liners compatible  with recycling streams and reduces its ecological footprint, while still ensuring reliable product protection.  

An urn-liner is a disposable liner that lines the inside of a metal beverage urn, or decanter. The liner  has a tube incorporated that feeds through the urn spigot that dispenses cold beverages. By using the  urn-liner system, the liquid product is never in contact with the urn or spigot, providing a safe quality,  better-tasting beverage for consumers as well as operational efficiencies for store operators. Liquibox  urn-liners are the ideal solution to meet the heightened demand for sanitation standards by reducing  bacteria in beverages like iced tea, iced coffee and other non-carbonated drinks by 99%. 

Kevin Griffin, Liquibox Vice President of Sales North Amercia, says, “Liquibox has been helping  restaurants improve food safety with its original patented urn-liners for over 20 years. With the new  recycle-ready urn-liner, we aim to contribute to our company purpose of making the world better and  to help our customers get one step closer to reaching their sustainability goals.” 

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