Iced tea is one of the most profitable items on menus, and Lipton has made it easier than ever for restaurants to sell more tea by offering a Tea Makeover to chain operators and small independent operators.

Lipton is the brand that restaurant patrons prefer 2-to-1, and 72 percent of consumers say they would order fresh brewed iced tea when Lipton is the featured brand, according to Ipsos InnoQuest research.

 Since people tend to order beverages by brand, they often default to water when they don’t see a brand they recognize. The Lipton Tea Makeover is a series of tools, including server promotions and free front-of-house merchandise, developed to help operations improve beverage sales and convert more orders of water to iced tea.

Success with Lipton has already been proven at operations such as Blake’s Lotaburger. Located in New Mexico, this 75-location QSR switched to Lipton Fresh Brewed Iced Tea and branded it with front-of-house merchandise in a 12-unit test. In doing so, Blake’s Lotaburger doubled their tea orders and made iced tea their #1 beverage. The Lipton Tea Makeover program will help restaurants create more success stories like this one.

Restaurant operators can request Tea Makeover tools and information at:  

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