Libbey Foodservice has launched a wide range of products that encourage farm-to-table service. Inspired by the organic movement, these products are designed to complement fresh, local foods, and help owners and operators of restaurants, bars, and hotels capitalize on the farm-to-table trend.

“Libbey strives to create products that blend what’s popular now with trend-forward thinking to ensure long-term viability in the marketplace,” says Susan J. Dountas, director, foodservice marketing for Libbey. “We research emerging trends and put innovative ideas into new product development to make sure each one of our customers is appropriately set for success.”

Celebrate the transition from farm-to-table with Farmhouse dinnerware. An extension of Libbey’s World Tableware line, Farmhouse dinnerware combines old-world craftsmanship with the benefits of modern performance. 

Crafted in cream-white durable porcelain, Farmhouse has a unique mismatched mold appearance that adds to the warmth and appeal of the collection. And the light accent decoration gives dimension to the presentation on a variety of tabletops. Organically shaped plates, bowls, and accessories capture a truly unique charm that is sure to build a better customer experience.

The 16-ounce Libbey Drinking Jar captures the essence of Southern charm. Its unique design is an enticing treat for customers while durability prevents breakage and cuts down on replacement costs. The simplicity and functionality of the Drinking Jar makes it a perfect choice for the presentation of iced teas, lemonades, infused water, specialty cocktails, appetizers, and desserts.

The new Aspire flatware from Libbey’s World Tableware 18/8 Collection adds character to the tabletop. Made from 304 stainless steel, Aspire offers an ideal blend of a distinctive look with exceptional durability. Small ridges on the handle and a high-polish finish make Aspire perfect for any casual or fine dining experience.

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