Libbey Foodservice is making tabletop customization easier with its new online virtual tabletop application. The app is designed to help restaurateurs envision and explore the creative possibilities of their establishment.

This virtual tabletop application allows foodservice professionals to create their ideal tabletop based on the cuisine served, overall atmosphere, and brand by selecting from hundreds of Libbey tableware and glassware products. 

Users simply drag and drop selected dinnerware, glassware, flatware, and even tabletop texture and accessory pieces onto the virtual table to create a customized integrated tabletop. Once the virtual table is set, a mood board is created that best expresses their vision of tablescapes specific to their restaurant setting.

“This powerful, visual representation can be used to kick-start design discussions and empower purchasing decisions of restaurateurs across the country,” says Susan J. Dountas, director of foodservice marketing for Libbey. “Whether they are opening a new establishment, refreshing their existing space or exploring new presentation options, this application brings their creative tabletop vision to life.”

The virtual tabletop application is Web-based and easy to access through Web browsers on any device. In addition to offering a simple and dynamic way to interact with Libbey products, the application provides product-specific information that is saved as the tables are set.

“The option to save and share their creations via email or social media allows users to bring attention and excitement to the original tabletops they have created,” says Dountas.

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