New to Libbey’s Syracuse China collection, Constellation dinnerware blends versatile style with functionality, durability and proactive performance. The collection, available in Libbey’s brightest-ever white porcelain, Lunar White, answers the demand for brighter white dinnerware, giving chefs the ideal canvas to showcase culinary masterpieces.

Three modern, trend-right designs offer countless options designed to mix and match, layer and fit seamlessly for innovative presentations. Constellation is the first-ever porcelain dinnerware with built-in *Microban technology, exclusively available from Libbey.

Microban technology provides 24/7 product protection and helps dining establishments confidently ensure a fresher dining experience while proactively defending against improper cleaning and handling. Microban is effective at inhibiting odor- and stain-causing bacterial growth that can pose risks to foodservice cleanliness.

Microban technology is integrated into Constellation’s fully vitrified glaze for an additional layer of defense that will not wash or scratch off. This advanced silver-based technology creates an inhospitable environment for microbes, to prevent microbes from growing and reproducing on the surface of the plate.

Microban technology does not protect people from food-borne pathogens.

“Constellation is what chefs have been asking for: bright white dinnerware. But we wanted to go above and beyond the design and body color of the plates,” says Susan J. Dountas, senior director of foodservice marketing for Libbey Inc. “We wanted to help chefs further manage their reputations by providing dinnerware that can help protect their establishments and reputation.”

In addition to Microban technology, Constellation dinnerware features:

  • More than 60 products across three patterns plus a complete range of Universal Accessories
  • Highly polished foot enhances stackability to optimize storage
  • Durable, fully vitrified, twice fired porcelain stands up to high-volume use and is backed with Syracuse’s Lifetime No-Chip Warranty
  • Ergonomic features and pronounced underside rim provide easier grip for servers
  • Snuggly fits most standard plate covers

New patterns will be added to Constellation in Q4 of 2017. To learn more about Libbey’s brightest innovation yet, click here.

*Microban technology does not protect people from food-borne pathogens.

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