Land O’Lakes, Inc., has been awarded the Seal of Approval for their line of Land O Lakes All-Natural Brown Eggs, including their organic and cage-free varieties from the American Culinary Federation, Inc. (ACF), the nation’s premier organization for professional chefs and cooks. The products were submitted for extensive testing and were approved by members of ACF’s Seal of Approval committee.

 “We are delighted and proud that our Land O Lakes All-Natural Brown Eggs have received the American Culinary Federation’s Seal of Approval,” said Frank Bergin, director of marketing for Land O Lakes Eggs. “We feel our line of Land O Lakes All-Natural Brown Eggs make ordinary eggs simply pale in comparison, so we are pleased to have such an accomplished and independent panel of chefs concur with that view.”

Keith Davis, , chair of the ACF Seal of Approval committee, and the ACF Seal of Approval Committee applied rigorous testing criteria to the product. The committee evaluated the product’s physical performance, performance when various cooking methods were applied, adaptability, and accuracy of labels and marketing materials.

“Land O Lakes All-Natural Brown Eggs, Land O Lakes Organic Brown Eggs and Land O Lakes Cage-Free Brown Eggs were tested using several preparation methods, including various breakfast preparations, poaching and baking,” said Davis. “ACF is proud to award these three Land O’Lakes products with the ACF Seal of Approval.”

The ACF Seal of Approval program offers foodservice manufacturers the opportunity to have products endorsed by the premier organization of professional chefs in the U.S. Unlike other entities that offer tasting endorsements only, the ACF Seal requires extensive product testing and evaluation. After three years, ACF determines if the product needs to be retested.

Land O Lakes All-Natural Brown Eggs are produced by hens fed a pure and simple all-natural vegetarian diet that contains no hormones, steroids, antibiotics, or animal by-products. All eggs are inspected and approved by the USDA for quality and freshness and packed in clear cartons that are made of 100 percent recycled PETE plastic. These recyclable cartons offer excellent protection and make it easier for consumers to inspect our eggs and also be environmentally friendly.


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